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Diana Kim

Diana Kim

Executive Coach  


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Hi there! My name is Diana Kim. I am originally from South Korea, born and raised in Brazil with my bachelor’s and master’s degree from the US and currently living in the UK.
Executive coaching is a self-discovery process from which you will learn your resourcefulness and gain confidence in yourself going forward. It is about exploring the way things are done to achieve your business and organizational demands and how decisions are made rather than investigating the underlying reasons for it. It is a proactive process focusing on the present and near future rather than reactively looking at the past. You will be provided with useful tools to develop your skills and abilities resulting in improved performance.
How I coach
My coaching style is supportive, nurturing and yet challenging. It gives full responsibility to the client, which means that the client is responsible for bringing inputs, reflections and solutions. I, as a coach, bring the questions, dig more deeply into the subject, its context, details and importance for client’s reflection to take place and further explore upcoming data.
The purpose of coaching is not to be settled down and comfortable, but to be challenged outside of the comfort zone, while in a safe and confidential environment. Ultimately, I nurture optimism and make sure clients take the credit for their own successes.
In a glance
- I give my clients 100% responsibility and empowerment for their coaching process and outcomes
- Clients decide how in depth their reflexions will go and this will be dependant on them being fully present and committed into the process
- I guide my clients throughout the process helping bring their topics/issues
- Clients decide how in depth their reflexions will go and this will be dependant on them being fully present and committed into the process
The coaching sessions are one-on-one conversations that can be in person or via Skype.
The sessions typically last 1-2hours.
You are welcome to schedule your first session to get to know me and the approach to the process to then decide what is best for you.
I also offer 6 and 10 session packages that can be advantageous to you and your goals. Everything is flexible and customized to you, including number of sessions, frequency and methods/techniques used. You may be in the UK or anywhere in the world.
In addition to executive coaching, I also offer Talent Management solutions for small businesses: HR and people strategy framework, culture assessment, competency framework, performance management and succession planning.
Because we believe in people and their true potential. And we know that your business can thrive when your people thrive. 
We believe in seeing and treating people as individuals as they truly are, embracing their whole selves.
You will be amazed to see the results in your business.
Diana Kim
Executive Coach | 020 3524 6354

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