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Saskia Johnston

Foreign Exchange  

Sable Foreign Exchange 

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Saskia Johnston, South African by birth, Londoner by choice works for Sable Forex and specializes in saving individuals and companies money on their international money transfers or foreign exchange.

Sable Forex is an industry leading remittance specialist with over 20 years of experience. We service in excess of 60,000 clients and we pride ourselves in providing a bespoke, personalised service for all of them.  We offer a cost effective money transfer service including free transfers, unbeatable exchange rates, faster transaction time and an easy secure online portal.

Sable Forex is fully compliant and regulated by the FCA and has helped over 60,000 individuals and companies transfer funds worldwide.

With a personal service tailored to your needs, and with dedicated dealers, we provide very competitive exchange rates with no transfer fees using secure foreign payment systems such as SWIFT.

Key Benefits:

1. Excellent exchange rates

2. No fees or charges

3. Highly Secure Websites

4. Regulated by HM Customs and Excise and the FCA in the UK

5. Easy to use and quick settlement

6. No minimum or maximum transfer amount

For all your international money transfer needs look no further than Sable Forex.  Sable Forex your professional partner for the global citizen.

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