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Alex Stanier

Calendar-based Marketing and IT Systems  

Caltrics Ltd. 

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Caltrics is an innovative platform that helps your organisation to develop and nurture customer relationships. By taking any set of events. Using our own unique software we help brands stimulate interest by offering a useful business support tool.

Caltrics’ calendars can sync to any calendar app on phone, tablet, PC or Apple Mac, notifying recipients of any relevant events or important dates. For businesses, this is a unique method of raising brand awareness.

We partner with a number of organisations to help them develop better relationships with their clients, supporters, members, customers and associates. This includes:
> SME’s and corporate enterprises
> Business Networking groups and Chambers of Commerce
> Galleries, Museums and Theatres
> Charities
> Schools and Training Companies
> Membership Organisations and Trade associations
> Sports and Leisure clubs

Our Members