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Christopher Burgon

Solicitor - Litigation  

Christopher Burgon ltd - Litigation Consultancy 

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While litigation probably should be the last resort in a dispute, consulting a litigator should actually be your first. Why? – because getting good professional advice from an experienced, expert litigator like me, at the outset of a business or personal dispute, is invaluable. It gives you the best chance of resolving the matter swiftly, satisfactorily and with the minimum of cost. In my experience it’s the best way to avoid litigation.
An initial consultation can often provide you with what you need to know to resolve the issue, saving you time and money, not to mention your sanity. I will tell you exactly where you stand, what your options are and what you can do next.

I qualified in 2000 and have specialised in complex litigation for large companies, SMEs and private individuals in Central London ever since. My wealth of experience, expertise and proven track record are, often only associated with large City and West End firms.

My wide range of experience includes:

• Partnership Disputes and Shareholder Disputes
• Search Orders, Freezing Orders and Injunctions
• Contract Disputes
• Property Disputes
• Professional Negligence
• Insolvency
• Directors Disqualification Proceedings
• Contentious Probate
• Commercial Landlord and Tenant matters
• Residential Landlord and Tenant matters

Please call or email me to book an appointment.

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