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Diana Wilson


Physio on the River 

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Diana Wilson is a Physiotherapist and runs Physio on the River Ltd in Barnes. 2013 will mark Diana’s 20th year in business in Barnes. Her clinic was awarded ‘Most loved Business in Richmond’ in 2012.
Physio on the River is a centre for the management of injuries and general aches and pains. Whether you have a niggling sports injury, back or neck pain, want to shave some time off your marathon or simply recover from an orthopaedic operation – Diana’s team of Physiotherapists can help you achieve your goals. We help young teenagers to senior citizens and from weekend warriors to elite athletes, tailoring treatment to their individual needs. Common conditions treated are neck and back pain, sports injuries, aches and pains related to motherhood and pregnancy, arthritic conditions and rehab following fractures and orthopaedic operations. We aim to get you moving freely, pain free and in the correct way through treatment , education, support and expert advice.
The Physiotherapy team is supported by massage therapists, a podiatrist and a team of Pilates and Yoga teachers. These treatments provide a complete one stop shop for the management of injuries and everyday aches and pains. Our therapists work as a team to provide the services you need. Several Physiotherapists are also trained to treat with acupuncture for pain relief and this can be useful in the treatment of arthritic joints and back pain for example.
Love Pilates and Yoga but hate crowds? Physio on the River also run 25 Pilates and Yoga classes a week on a termly basis and carefully progressed as a course so that clients are always improving. We promise never to have more than 8 in a class so there is plenty of supervision. Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced and work hard to make the classes constantly challenging and fun. Both Pilates and Yoga are great for improving flexibility, core strength and posture. Yoga also has a spiritual and relaxation element to it. They are the perfect antidote to our busy London lives! Carlie Skan, our Class Coordinator knows everything there is to know about our classes and is only too happy to take enquiries. She can help guide you to the right class for your standard at a convenient time to suit you.
The clinic also offers an Ergonomics service: our specialist Ergonomics Physiotherapist can visit our clients at their home or office to assess their workstation set up. This is especially helpful for those complaining of work related aches and pains which are so often linked to posture and our interaction with the computer.
The clinic is situated in the Old Ticket Office of Barnes Bridge Station. It is light and spacious and the facilities include an exercise studio and individual treatment rooms. Diana’s friendly team of Receptionists will be pleased to take your call. Our Physiotherapists are registered with all the major Health Insurance companies. We are open from 8am to 9am most weekdays and until 2pm on Saturdays.

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