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Kapil (Kaps) Kapur

Database Services  

Fingertips Intelligence 

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“Is your business or organisation running wild with spreadsheets ? Do you have extensive amounts of data but no real intelligence about your businesss ? Are you entering your data several times into different systems ? … then Fingertips Intelligence can help you…

We build bespoke database solutions in Filemaker Pro – which can solve all of these problems. The result is that you are left with a bespoke database that gives you all the data that you need at your fingertips. Our systems :-

Can have dashboards so that you can see potential issues before they become problems

  • Have data structured in a meaningful manner
  • Produce meaningful reports (including graphs) at a press of a button
  • Easily modifiable – so they grow with your business

Here are some examples of projects that we have undertaken in recent years:-

For a Wealth Management Firm we built a bespoke database solution that allowed them to produce client valuations and fee calculations. It saved them 9 months a year and also reduced their auditors fees considerably

  • A buy to let landlord needed help managing his portfolio over 100 properties – the resulting filemaker pro platform showed him which properties were empty and also created a bespoke report with a 7 year cashflow history
  • A Chamber of Commerce was unable to grow easily because it had 5 separate systems – none of which gave a complete picture. We developed a bespoke Filemaker database platform that integrated these systems and significantly reduced the administrative effort required to run the Chamber.

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