121’s or (one-to-ones) serve as an accountability mechanism. There is added value for 121’s among membership in that they’re developing the referral strategies which enhance each person’s membership.  Taking time to meet with visitors is a meaningful demonstration of givers gain philosophy. 

  1. Schedule a one-to-one with someone in your chapter that you’re at high credibility or even profitability with, someone you’re willing to share your database with. (If you’re new in the chapter, schedule one-to-ones with everyone in your chapter to establish credibility.)
  2. Go through every person in your database, describe them briefly, and ask whether that contact would be a good referral for the person you are meeting with (e.g. “This is a dentist with two offices in this town,” or “This is a mother with two children under 5”). Select a small number of top choices to introduce to this person. Then switch places and go through your referral partner’s database.
  3. Strategize on the best way to make the introductions. Do you want to send a letter? An email? Hold an open house? Invite the person to your BNI meeting? If there are a lot of potential referrals, spread the introductions out over several weeks.
  4. Start making introductions and check in with each other on how well the process is working.