Networking isn’t a new concept; it’s been an effective marketing plan for many businesses.

For small and medium-sized businesses in West London, being a member of a local networking group is a vital part of any business plan. At BNI Hammersmith, we bring together local businesses to share and grow connections within the area, and we’d like to invite you to visit us at our Open Day on Fridya June 21st to discover more about being a member of BNI. 

Why BNI? 

The BNI Hammersmith networking group is a business collective whose members meet regularly to share and grow business connections. Each member’s business expertise is different, giving you the ideal opportunity to network with other local businesses in the area.  Members of BNI build strong relationships, connect with a wide range of local businesses and generate new business for each other. The benefits of being a BNI member include:  The opportunity to network with other local businesses. The opportunity to connect with, and pitch your business to, 45 to 50 other local businesses. The opportunity to arrange one-to-one meetings, outside of BNI’s networking meetings. 

For any small and medium-sized business, making valuable business network connections is a key part of being successful. At BNI Hammersmith, we welcome visitors to our weekly meetings to come and see what being a member of BNI is all about, and why it could be beneficial for your business.  

Why networking?  

Business networking is the opportunity to connect with and tell other local businesses about you, exchange referrals and generate new business.

Hammersmith has a thriving community of local small and medium-sized businesses looking to increase their customer list.

Business networking provides the ideal environment to meet like-minded people, meet potential new clients, generate referrals and identify new opportunities for joint ventures/partnerships and new areas of business.  Any business knows that visibility is key and word-of-mouth recommendations are highly valuable. Networking meetings allow business owners to connect, communicate and collaborate, putting your business and skills at the forefront of the right peoples’ minds. 

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